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I have a 1989.5 Mustang LX Hatchback, canyon red, 5.0L, 5 spd, 3.08 gears...

GT40P iron heads (pollished, milled 0.030", competition valve job), 10:1 compression, Crane 2031 cobra cam (214/220,.513/.529",112LSA), Trick Flow (1pc 4130) pushrods, 1.7 roller rockers, Manley Race Flow Valves, ARP Head Studs.

Explorer U/L (pollished & port matched lower), Stock TB (reemed to death), Bullet 75mm MAF, 3" Rubber elbow (Crappy Tire plumbing section), Conical filter.

FMS C50 headers (#8 dimpled with BFH), Catco Hi-flow cats, Dynomax 2.5" cat-back.

130 Amp 3G alternator, Crane PS91 coil, Taylor wires with 90* boots & sleeves, (TwEECer in my dreams).

FMS A/C delete, Stewart WP, 93 Cobra overdirve WP pulley (March underdrive crank), Mr. Gasket Hiflow 180 therm, 3 core rad, Mark VIII electric fan, Variflow controller.

SN95 conversion with '99 Calipers, 99 Cobra wheels, Bilsteins with coil-overs, WMS SFC's, MM 4pt chassis brace, MM C/C plates, Fabricated STB, relocated battery.


Head swapping - On a stock & a typical combo.
Fan HP - What a drag!
Suspension info
Fuel injection info
Motor Oil info
Muscle Car Times
Ford V-8 Engine Workshop! I found this on the net before the link disappeared. It was written by William R Lewis... unfortuantely I didn't get any pics. (it needs some formating... it doesn't look too pretty)

Info to come: Winter Storage, Pollishing Aluminum, My 'P' heads, Explorer Intake, Picking a Cam, First Start-up, Power Steering Whine, Brakes, 5lug conversions, Long Rods...

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OEM Ford Parts - SVO & Classic (good pricing)

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Blue Thunder - Cup Holders! Can get an ashtray insert, or larger arm rest!

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Other stuff

CNBC - Check out the stock market

E*trade Canada - Decent place to trade

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