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Derek & Deidre's Wedding Photo's!!!

Windermere entrance
Windermere sign... Yup, married in a research park :D
Windermere Manor
Hair & Make-up
Cigarette Smoking Man
Reservoir Dogs
Taking the edge off
Body Guards
Groomsmen Pose
Great Hall
Finally ready!
Ceremony - bridesmaids
Ceremony - hands
Ceremony - signing
Ceremony - Happy Bride
Ceremony - Bride & Groom Leaving
Ceremony - Best Man & Maid of Honour Leaving
Ceremony - Brendt & bridesmaids Leaving
Bride - amazed by dress
Bridal party & couple
Bridal party 1
Bridal party 2
Bridal party B&W
Bride & Maid of Honour
Groom & bridesmaids
Bride & groomsmen
Bride & readers
Bride & parents
Bride's Family
Groom, Bride & her parents
Groom's Family
Hyde Family
Bride with grooms family
Bride & groom 1
Bride & groom 2
Bride & groom 3
Hands with shiney rings
Bride, groom, best man & maid of honour
Bride & groom outside
Holding hands outside
Long Dress
MC Timmay C
Groom's Father Speaking
Bride's Father Speaking
Best man & maid of honour speaking
Bride & groom speaking
First Dance
First Dance 2
First Dance 3
Dance with parents
Jolly Gramma's
Three generations making the cake at Christmas
Cake decorated
Cake B&W
Too much attitude!
Cut the cake

The following are photos by Jason:
Chauffeur Pose
The Bro's
Charlie's Angels
Groom's extended family
Deep thoughts
Walk Down Isle
Bride & Groom
Groom's parents
First Dance 4

Fridge Magnet wedding favour