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Derek Hyde

Medical BioPhysics
Robarts Research Institute
University of Western Ontario

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Mixology I course, Bartending Certificate Program, Mohawk College

Smart Serve Certification, Mohawk College (April 21, 1998)

Certified in Standard First Aid & 2 Rescuer Basic Life Skills

Member: American Association of Physicists in Medicine (1997-current)




Ph.D. in Medical Biophysics (exp. Sept. 2003), University of Western Ontario.
Thesis: Computed Rotational Angiography with a conventional x-ray C-arm
Supervisor: Dr. D. Holdsworth, Robarts Research Institute

M.Sc. in Medical Physics (Sept. 1999), McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.
Thesis: A diffusion theory model of spatially resolved fluorescence from depth
dependent fluorophore concentrations
Supervisor: Dr. T. Farrell, Hamilton Regional Cancer Centre

H.B.Sc. in Medical & Health Physics (June 1997), McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.
Achieved Deans Honour standing in level III and IV
Minor in The Theme School On New Materials and Their Impact On Society.
Self-Directed, interdisciplinary, problem based learning

O.S.S.D., Glenview Park Secondary School, Cambridge, Ontario. (Jan. 1993)
Governor General's Academic Medal
OAC credits: Computers, Algebra and Geometry, Finite, Calculus, Physics,
Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Accounting, French and English


Teaching Assistant, University of Western Ontario, (Sept. 1999 - Dec. 1999)
Supervise laboratories for the Department of Physics & Astronomy
Marked Laboratories and tests

Teaching Assistant, McMaster University, (Sept. 1996 - April 1999)
Supervise laboratories for the Department of Physics & Astronomy
Marked assignments, tests, and exams

Teaching Assistant, McMaster University, (Sept. 1994 - April 1995)
P.A.S.S. (Peer Assisted Study Session) leader for the Department of Physics & Astronomy
Conducted one hour tutorials twice a week, and a cram session at the end of each term
Prepared problem and review sheets


Research Assistant, Dr. D. Holdsworth, Robarts Research Institute, UWO, (May - Sept., 1997)
Optimization of a Micro-CT scanner
Utilized machine shop equipment
Scanned L2 and L3 rat vertebrae for osteoporosis study (~60 micron resolution)

Research Assistant, Dr. M. Patterson, Hamilton Regional Cancer Centre, (May - Sept., 1996)
Studied Tissue Optics and Photodynamic Therapy
Modified and wrote various data analysis software
Designed and constructed a suitable Cell Irradiation Table

Research Assistant, Dr. J.C. Waddington, McMaster University, (May - Sept., 1995)
Used gamma ray spectroscopy to study nuclei with high angular momentum
Analyzed data collected at the Chalk River Research Laboratories